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“Troy and Jemma are very knowledgeable trainers who truly want to see you succeed! In just over a month’s time I have lost weight I thought I could never lose, gained muscle, and improved my overall endurance. You will work muscles you didn’t know you had and say good bye to any muscular imbalances with their training sessions. Phillips Fitness squad sessions provide a positive environment where everyone motivates each other and feels like a family. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or a couch potato, you will be treated with the same respect and professional guidance. Another great thing about this place is the stretching sessions. I have suffered from ankle sprains and chronically tight hamstrings in my collegiate soccer career thinking my body wouldn’t be the same. I am happy to say I have increased my ankle mobility and seen huge improvements with my flexibility. If you are looking to change your life with strength, physique, and flexibility I highly recommend this place.”


“Troy and Jemma are very knowledgeable and awesome. I really appreciate the extra time they’ve taken to help me improve and keep me motivated!! I LOVE coming to workout and always look forward to it during the week! Phillips Fitness has been life changing and all my results would not be possible without Troy and Jemma’s help.”


“Don’t be intimidated by the fact that they’re personal trainers. It’s not a competitive atmosphere, and there are people of all levels of fitness. They really are looking to help you achieve your goals, be that strength training, weight loss, general fitness, whatever. The personal touch is really what makes this worth it.

That is a key philosophy for Troy and Jemma… they are all about full body fitness, and the core muscles you use in day to day life are a key part of that. You don’t get that kind of benefit when you sit down to work on some bicep machine at a regular gym.

Phillips Fitness is entirely different. They have regular scheduled, small group sessions where you work on cardio and strength training. They do not have machines like tradition gyms, where you sit down and work on one specific muscle. They generally focus on one general area per workout (upper body, legs, abs), but it always includes exercises that include core muscles. 

The other difference in Philips Fitness was one that I had not expected when I first joined: the social aspect. It’s really much more enjoyable to work out with people that you get to know over time.”



“Be prepared to get into the best shape of your life! Troy and Jemma are dedicated to their clients in a way I have never seen before. You will not come to any session as a faceless participant, but instead as respected member of a group. They both make particular efforts to learn about each client, and will you reach your fitness goals! By far, Phillips Fitness is the BEST fitness training I have ever been a part of!”


“I can’t say enough good things about Phillips Fitness!  I’ve brought a bunch of my family to try it out and they have joined as well.  I’m not great at being consistent at going to the gym, but I’ve been going to PF consistently for over 2 years now!  I love that I get nearly personalized training in a group training environment. I’m the kind of person that does better in group training vs individual training so the squad sessions and semi-personal training fits the bill.

Two babies later and I’m still going 3 days a week!  It’s a family at Phillips Fitness and they genuinely want you to be as healthy as you can! Love you guys!!!”



“This gym and the trainers are amazing. The atmosphere brings you a comfortable environment to get a good work out and the people at the gym become like family helping you push through workouts! I started sluggish didn’t know how to do any of the workouts and the trainers Troy and Jemma definitely got the ball rolling for me had the patience to teach me step by step, give me the motivation I needed. I continue to go on Wednesdays and Fridays and always have the drive to want more. They also have private sessions if you don’t feel comfortable joining a class.”


“I should have taken measurements when I first started, but I lost 2 pant sizes and that was proof enough for me! EVEN WITH MY FOOT INJURY!”

“Troy and Jemma are amazing trainers! I’ve never been this consistent or eaten this healthy in my life! I love waking up and looking in the mirror and finding and seeing new muscles! For the first time in my life I’ve never been so happy with myself! Working out with you guys has literally changed my life! Thanks guys!”


“This is another long overdue review since i could never figure out where to start. I regularly attended Phillips Fitness for over 3 years which is the longest I ever stayed at one gym. They are knowledgeable, motivating and just good energy to be around. I first decided to try this gym because of close proximity to where I lived, but I continued going because of the dynamic, always-changing interval training, small classes, and the encouraging gym-family vibe that grows along with your muscles while you workout together. All fitness levels are welcome, so no need to be intimidated because they’ll always give you a modification til you can improve. If you got goals, they’ll help you reach them. Highly recommend!”



“Troy and Jemma are amazing. Both really want each client to succeed for health’s sake. And the laughter is contagious. The suspension straps seem like they won’t do much but you won’t believe how effective they are – especially with Troy’s knowledge, direction, and support. I’m coming up on being a client for two years which continues to amaze me. I don’t spend time thinking “oh, I can do this on my own.” Which I might be able to for a few weeks but I’d slack off. So count on me to continue as a client.”

“Before joining Phillips Fitness- I hated exercising.  I tried everything before- gyms, running, workout videos, etc…  nothing motivated me, nothing stuck, nothing worked and I would fall back into my lazy lifestyle. After gaining weight and not feeling happy with the direction I was going, I decided to give a personal trainer a shot to help guide me.  This is when I found Phillips fitness- they have changed my life!  Troy and Jemma didn’t just train me — they became coaches and friends to me and my husband, and auntie and uncle to my kids (ages 7 and 11), whom get to train with them too.  I really can’t exaggerate how much of an impact they made on my life. Trust me, if you are looking for a trainer who will challenge you to rise to your full potential physically, mentally, and even intellectually and emotionally — go to Phillips Fitness, You’ll never look back.”

“Sugar Cookie”


“I’ve been with Phillips Fitness for more than a year and it has truly been a life-changing experience. Troy, Jemma, and Karen provide excellent personal training that don’t require heavy weights or endless running. Most exercises use your own body weight and are on timed intervals to keep your heart rate up. Great for all ages and sizes, a very welcoming environment. I’ve lost a lot of weight and gained a good amount of muscle. They also emphasize proper stretching and nutrition. Their office provides other health related services including chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture. It’s like a complete Hollywood fitness plan!

I highly recommend Phillips Fitness!”



“Phillips Fitness (Troy) had given me umteen ways to stretch my back to handle my sciatica and disc degenerative syndrome.I still can’t believe that I worked out for 3 days continuously and walked at least 4 miles using the technique Troy gave to stretch my back while I jog or walk and I am still don’t feel sore like I used to when I hit the gyms equipped with with big machines.I have increased energy and more flexibility. I am feeling blessed to have joined you guys!”



“Whether you are looking for a gym that will challenge you or be your cheerleader, Phillips Fitness has it!!! I have never had the urge or desire to go to a gym, primarily for fear of judgement but now going to the gym is fun! This is a place where you can work out hard, break a sweat, meet awesome people and be coached according to your fitness goals!! On a 1-10…they get a 20!!” 


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