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At Phillips Fitness we specialize in functional & suspension training to reach weight loss, strengthen the core & improve & maintain energy levels. We also offer nutritional consultation & success stories. Your training should not end when you are not physically exercising.  What sets us apart from other gyms is that we are a private personal training facility.  

We couple our training & exercise routines with information about your muscles & self care tips to achieve optimal growth & an overall healthy lifestyle.  Our goal at Phillips Fitness is to help you achieve & maintain a healthy & strong body through customized individual & group training and the right diet for your body and goals.  

We keep our workouts upbeat & challenging as well as ever changing to achieve each individual’s full potential. Our services range from one-on-one & in-home training to outdoor training & fun & effective boot camps with teams, companies and clubs!

jemma phillips

Owner / Creative Director

Through the years of my life, events & especially being in business I’ve become a professional photographer, an amateur videographer, producer & director. I’ve even learned how to edit films & stills along w/ web design, marketing & digital media EVERYTHING! I’ve created (&/or directed) every image on this site, designed our logo & put our videos together. I’ve also been the leader in keeping our clients motivated thru accountability & communication! I schedule training sessions, I keep up with measurements, goals & progress & I encourage you along your fitness journey to achieve more strength, burn more body fat, gain endurance & most of all- keeping it consistent! But don’t get me wrong- I can get you to sweat, feel the burn and make your lungs drop! 

troy phillips​

Owner / Master Personal Trainer

I started lifting in our home gym as a high school football player with my dad. I participated in a few bodybuilding comps and quickly learned it wasn’t for me as I saw all the drugs, supplements, injections, and “enhancements” floating around. I bowed out as fast as I learned about these steroids. Rather, I learned about  nutrition and how important it was especially prepping/before competitions. My mom and I soon owned and operated a Gold’s Gym for some years and soon after selling it- decided to go to nursing school.  I worked as an ICU surgical nurse in GA for about 10 years and by the end of my career- I collected the knowledge I needed to know to be a true fitness trainer! Today I use all of these aspects to help others achieve optimal results in my private training studio.



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