When do you want to train?

the definition of our classes

SQUAD SESSIONS are larger group classes IN THE STUDIO that are generally between 6-12 people. 

PRIVATE SQUAD is a smaller group with 2-5 people only. Whether you’re a group of tight friends or family, or someone who simply needs to split time and cost? This Squad keeps it hustling! 

BOOT CAMPS are larger group classes that are generally 10 or more and are held outdoors at the local parks!

SPORTS CONDITIONING is a session full of custom made exercises that challenge you with a workout precisely created just for you and your sport goals. 

SELFCARE TECHNIQUES is a very popular weekly class for muscle recovery practices teaching you how to safely stretch, foam roll, roll, floss, scrub and breathe.

QIGONG (pronounced “Chee-gong”) is 60 minutes of a moving meditation. A practice where Jim focuses on the spine and neck to improve mobility and posture and  guides you through a series of gentle joint mobilization exercises to increase range of motion and tone the muscles supporting each joint. All levels are welcomed. 



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