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Dr Joe helps our athletes all the time! In and out of the gym. He’s helped rehab knees, shoulders and hip injuries! Not to mention POSTURE! Doc will tell you how it is and will be as detailed as you want him to be. He’s knowledgeable and current and very genuine with all his patients! Doc accepts all PPO insurance policies, HSA and FSA too! 


For a more orthopedic gentle approach for those who experience acute or chronic pain or simply don’t prefer lotions and oils with their sessions, Jim specializes in The Hendrickson Method to unwind those tight muscles, gain range of motion and can help reduce the symptoms of daily wear and tear on the body. Most of his sessions are fully clothed so no need to get undressed for bodywork. Jim also offers RockTape and also teaches Qigong and Tai Chi to help compliment his work and Phillips Fitness’ training sessions!


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