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Through the years of my life, events & especially being in business I’ve become a professional photographer, an amateur videographer, producer & director. I’ve even learned how to edit films & stills along w/ web design, marketing & digital media EVERYTHING! I’ve created (&/or directed) every image on this site, designed our logo & put our videos together. I’ve also been the leader in keeping our clients motivated thru accountability & communication! I schedule training sessions, I keep up with measurements, goals & progress & I encourage you along your fitness journey to achieve more strength, burn more body fat, gain endurance & most of all- keeping it consistent! But don’t get me wrong- I can get you to sweat, feel the burn and make your lungs drop! 

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I started lifting in our home gym as a high school football player with my dad. I participated in a few bodybuilding comps and quickly learned it wasn’t for me as I saw all the drugs, supplements, injections, and “enhancements” floating around. I bowed out as fast as I learned about these steroids. Rather, I learned about  nutrition and how important it was especially prepping/before competitions. My mom and I soon owned and operated a Gold’s Gym for some years and soon after selling it- decided to go to nursing school.  I worked as an ICU surgical nurse in GA for about 10 years and by the end of my career- I collected the knowledge I needed to know to be a true fitness trainer! Today I use all of these aspects to help others achieve optimal results in my private training studio. 


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Keep it tight with your trainer. Troy & Jems will keep you motivated and challenge you with a workout precisely created just for you and your goals. 


Smaller groups with 2-5 people only. Whether you’re a group of tight friends or family, or someone who simply needs to split time and cost? This Squad keeps it hustling! 


Larger and/or outdoor classes with 6 or more people focusing on whole body cardio/HIIT or whole body strength (alternating schedule). Great for those wanting to burn body fat, tone up or gain some muscle!


A very popular weekly classes for muscle recovery practices teaching you how to safely stretch, foam roll, roll, floss, scrub and breathe. Special events held separately but weekly individual classes are offered.

Dr Joe helps our athletes and dot commers all the time. But it doesn’t stop there, he’s helped everyone from new borns, children, pregnancy techniques and everyone in between. He also specializes in joints like knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders! 

SQUAD SESSIONS as low as $10 Ask about your FREE week!!

Monthly rates and packages are also available.

Squad Sessions are a customized and unique fitness class guided by trained coaches focusing on general cardio, isolated muscles, functional exercises, stretching and/or flexibility. This is great for those wanting to lose weight, tone, increase endurance, maximize strength, lose body fat or gain muscle mass.

Great for beginners and the advanced athletes!

These classes are also perfect for those who want to learn more about working out, eating clean, flexibility, self care and living a healthier lifestyle. You’re not just another face in our gym, you’re another human being kicking goals in their face!


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